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Scott ‘Skip’ Innes

The Surrey Hills Adventure Company

“We started The Surrey Hills Adventure company about 5 years ago, I was in a business that I didn’t particularly enjoy doing and did as a means to an end for about 15 years and It got to a point with that, particularly when the financial crisis hit, that I needed a change and that gave me the opportunity to change what I did.

That business wouldn’t have worked well in that climate and at the same time my son was 7/8 years old and I watched him get drawn into the word of computers and gaming. I’m a big fan of the Scouts, I’d been a Scout leader and I knew that my passions would benefit kids that were being sucked into that world. The way I figured it would work, would be to get them out into the woods doing bush craft style stuff, but try to avoid structure and people telling them what to do all the time, the big reason they enjoy what we do, is because they have the freedom to choose and have what I call ‘mind space’ to allow their minds to develop and pull them away from always being in front of the screens. So the combination of my original business, not being happy and in a difficult place and seeing my son being dragged into this world and knowing I could potentially do something about that for him and other kids, is what inspired us to start the business. We’re now 5 years in, offering more elements including paddle boarding, mountain biking and open water swimming, reconnecting children and adults with the great outdoors!”

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Many people believe we are turning into a cotton wool society that are missing out on important experiences that help raise self-esteem, give confidence and increase motivation. The SHAC is here to help redress the balance through adventure.

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