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Melissa Staveley

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“Before I worked for TN Recruits, I was in the print industry, not only looking after the designing of the plates and the production side, but also working for a print firm in London on the sales side. I then stopped to become a full time Mum, at that time we moved to Chicago for three years, which was amazing, but when we came back the kids were a little bit older and I wanted to get back into work again. I decided that the print industry was no longer for me and decided to start looking elsewhere, my husband used TN Recruits for recruiting staff at the company he worked for, so he said why don’t you go and talk to Neil.

When I met Neil and discussed what I wanted to do, he said that I would be really good working for them and it all stemmed from there, we had lots of meetings and discussions as well as sales role plays and I started with them just over three years ago now.

My career began at TN with no recruitment experience, both my husband and brother-in-law had worked in recruitment and they both said I would be really good at it and I should give it a go. I absolutely love it!

I started off on a new desk, just doing 360 recruitment and my first placement was with a brand new client who had never used TN previously, they maintained farm equipment, so my first ever placement was a Tractor Technician! I obviously had the knack at winning new clients and filling vacancies. As time went on, I did a lot of the new business, getting new companies on board. Neil was keen to launch a temporary desk and with everything that happened last year and the downturn in the recruitment market, he said he had an opportunity for me to head up the new division, I said yes, why not! I love building relationships, winning new business, being on the phone so we went for it.

TN Recruits Temps has been really successful in providing office and warehouse based staff, despite a lot of organisations’ staff working from home. I’ve become quite well known for filling temp bookings quickly with quality candidates. During the recent snowy spell, a client called me in an absolute panic, lots of her warehouse staff were unable to get to the office and I managed to find six people for her within two hours of the phone call. When it comes to temps, any role that requires immediate cover or an extra pair of hands, we are on it!

Educating companies about temps is something we are really trying to do – temps are very beneficial for business continuity. There are a variety of issues where a temporary member of staff is a fantastic solution maybe to fill a gap, maternity leave, a big project, long term sickness or holiday, we can find a quality member of staff efficiently whilst ensuring the numerous compliance checks have been done. We make our clients lives easier by taking the temp onto our payroll and taking responsibility for all the ‘right to work’ information which gives them complete peace of mind, all the client needs to do is sign off a time sheet and we send them one invoice to cover everything, the temp is like one of our members of staff and we have a whole pool of them to select from. It’s an easy solution to a staffing problem.”

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