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Sussex Distribution - Leaflet Distribution

“We live in East Grinstead and here we have a Scientology Church, every year they invite around 7000 people to join one of their big events, a friend of ours from the Church asked me and my husband to help deliver invitation cards to the local residents. He gave us about fifty cards to drop through the letter boxes on a very nice private road, my daughter at the time was about seven months old, I was pushing her whilst walking with my husband on a beautiful day in September, and it was so very enjoyable! We were walking and spending time together, enjoying the fresh air, it was brilliant!

At the time my husband was working in London as a landscape architect, commuting every morning and returning home late every evening and we had a baby so the money he was earning was never enough. Then, again we saw on Facebook some friends asking for help in delivering their leaflets, and that we could earn extra money at the weekends, so he started delivering to around 500 houses every week, at the weekend and in his own time. I then started to help him, we were even going out delivering on Sundays and spent time trying to work out the best and fastest way to do it.

After a while people started recommending us, they started to come to us more and more, so my husband decided to work his five-day job into four days and delivering leaflets the other three days, Friday to Sunday. I was helping as well – we were delivering around 1500 leaflets at a time. More recommendations were coming in and we started receiving requests to do 10,000 leaflets per week! It then became a challenge, we definitely couldn’t do it by ourselves, there was no way.

It was in the Summer of 2017 when we were delivering together in a very nice location when I realised what we were doing was very suitable for Mums’ – like me. If you walk intensively, it really helps you lose weight, young Mums like me who put on weight when their children are born can burn off the weight easily. I did, I started to lose the weight, it will also help to pay for your child’s nursery, it’s great, you’re outside, it’s good for your mental health and you’re not stuck indoors. I started advertising what we do on Facebook and the Mums texted me, but also asking for jobs for their teenagers! It wasn’t what I expected! That Summer I interviewed around 150 teenagers – I had to be selective with who I choose as it’s our reputation on the line and quite a responsibility for a teenager to do a good job.

We then started to advertise more and turned it into a real business, my husband gave up his job in London and when we put our plan together, we worked out he would earn more money than what he was getting in London! We needed to build a bigger team and started to hire more people and constantly looked for more clients. Delivering leaflets is important, it’s not junk mail or rubbish and the people we deliver for earn up to 75% of their income from the leaflets we deliver! These are successful people, that rely on this type of advertising and local awareness. They don’t just do it the once, you have to keep it going, it’s like brushing your teeth, you can’t just do it the once, we have clients who have received an enquiry from a leaflet that we delivered a year ago, so it’s important to be consistent.

There’s a lot of potential in this area – any business needs to promote themselves, it doesn’t matter the size of the company”


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