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“I have been working as a specialist in the beauty industry for almost a decade, and Its always been a passion of mine to work with the body and especially skincare. I did all my studying at college, but soon realised that I needed to learn other elements of beauty and care alongside the skin treatment elements that I was studying, by adding in beauty treatments like massage therapy. Now that I had started to diversify I began to enjoy it a lot more. The most satisfying thing for me was to see how people would feel and react after I had treated them.

There are a number of different issues that I would see on a regular basis that needed treating such as, back problems, insomnia or a lack of movement or flexibility, but once I had finished massaging them, they were astonished how much better they felt. This was really very encouraging and confirmed to me that I was working in the right field to be able to utilise all my training and expertise to the benefit of others.

For me personally it’s not just a business, it’s the personal touch that makes it a worthwhile vocation in being able to help people from all walks of life, and it’s what motivates and inspires me on a daily basis.

As a child I struggled a lot with acne and so I knew that one day I would want to look at trying to solve some of the issues and problems that I had had when I was young and pass on the benefit to others. I tried many various products and really wanted to learn more about the skin and how it works and it’s still my passion and ultimate goal which has led me to organic skin formulation as well.

Stress and anxiety are the day to day happenings that really affect the skin, so outside of skincare then massages really work hand in hand as they help the body relax by reducing those stress hormones that cause havoc on your skin.

I have previously worked in various Spas over the last decade but decided to set up my own business in 2018 and open my own spa, but unfortunately the pandemic arrived and like so many others I had to close. I realised that most people would have to start working from home and not knowing how long this pandemic would last, I decided to bring the spa into people homes, focusing on the key elements of wellbeing in beauty: massages, facial treatments and other spa body treatments. That is ultimately how Giana was born in Kent and it is now going from strength to strength.

The name Giana means God is gracious, so I wanted to extend that gracious touch to everyone in need. When we go into someone’s home we have to do it with a humble, respectful and gracious attitude, so it’s has been a real fitting title for the business. The most enjoyable thing for me is the healing that we carry in the use of our hands and being able to impart it to others gives me my reason to wake up every day”

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About the business

Giana invites you to a life changing HOLISTIC WELLBEING journey that gives you experiences that go beyond the power of touch but graciously bring healing and relaxation to the mind, body and soul in the comfort of your home or workplace. With the intensity of life taking us off balance daily in our senses, and mental wellbeing, pursuing wellness is no longer a luxury but a necessity to bring back that balance and peace of mind.

Our highly experienced, professional and passionate therapists will take you on a personal wellbeing journey, combining your suitable choice of treatments, use of pure and evidence based products with active ingredients, a proven track record and excellent support systems. You will not only enjoy the experience but leave you rejuvenated, relaxed and empowered to overcome challenges to your body, skin and mind.

We purposefully and passionately create a spa ambience of aromas, music and lights within your home for that relaxing, peaceful and healing environment. We believe in delivering excellent services, hence our staff are carefully selected and continuously trained to provide the best of treatments in skincare and massages for your complete wellbeing.

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