Pierre Roche

Aardvark Automotive Solutions

I left University with an HND in rural estate management, it was in the 80’s when the first property crash occurred. I wrote to about 50 estate agents and property management companies and got 50 thanks, but no thanks. So, I ended up in insurance, a friend of mine asked for help with some part time work, and 25 years later, I found myself still in the Insurance Industry. I worked for several blue chip companies, Direct Line, Churchill, RBS and AXA, I’ve learnt my trade through motor claims and I’ve seen some very good, but also not so good practices, some excellent customer service and also some very bad. I eventually found myself on the non-fault side of motor claims, there are two sides, the claimant side and the defendant side, one is at fault and one is not. After a period of time I wanted to learn more about the accident management side – credit hire side.

It’s potentially looked on quite dimly by some of the insurers, but ironically they actually use those companies as a revenue stream, it’s a bit of a strange situation. In 2017, a fellow employee and myself, felt we could inhance the customer journey even further. All insurers and accident management companies deal with their own niches, some deal with prestige vehicles, some with taxis, or buses or lorries, whatever it might be, but no one deals with all of them. I wanted to provide that, as well as a bespoke customer service and a customer journey, so that’s what we’ve done in setting up Aardvark Automotive Solutions. We’re a one stop shop for all non-fault claims, whatever your vehicle, providing like for like replacement vehicles, a repairer of your choice, with legal cover and all the trimmings an insurer would give, however you’ll be speaking to either myself or my business partner, not a number behind an insurance policy. Our unique selling point and the difference in what we provide within our service promise, compared to other claims providers, is that every claimant receives an inconvenience payment of £150 per claim when we deal with a claim for them.

I’m really passionate about providing a first class service, we like to support people in any way we can, my son plays cricket at his University, Canterbury Christchurch, which we proudly sponsor and my daughter has just turned two so I’m looking to build a legacy for my children. Looking back on things, my father unfortunately passed away last year, he was an inspiration to me and he taught me a lot about family values. I promised him I would create my own business one day, it’s weird because I can still feel him around me, certain things happen that make me aware that he’s watching over and looking out for me.

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We are your solution to getting you back on the road and your car repaired, following a non-fault incident. We offer the very best services in our field. We never settle for second best and always have your satisfaction as our top priority; it’s who we are and we are proud of it.

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