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Rachel Fisher

TN Recruits Accounts

“I started my career in sales, sales admin and then account management in the I.T industry, after a short while I realised, I didn’t have much of an interest in I.T and a friend suggested I should try recruitment, it was still dealing with people and had a sales element attached to it, so I looked at getting a recruitment role.

I joined Michael Page Recruitment about twelve years ago, they’re a very large international recruitment company and I was based in Maidstone working in their finance team – I was there for ten years, helping with finance and HR recruitment until I decided to have a family and didn’t want to commute to Maidstone from Tunbridge Wells; I was working part-time but wanted to be closer to home.

I knew Neil from a previous role that he had placed me in quite a long time ago, so I decided to get back in touch to see if he had any local opportunities, he invited me in for interview and asked if I wanted to come and work for him here, at TN recruits. We had a few discussions, and I liked the flexibility with the working hours that he offered me, so I joined here in January 2020.

Neil had already been looking at creating different specialised areas, Emma Moss heads up TN Recruits Law and he wanted to specialise in another area, we agreed that accounts and specifically accounting practices would be a good industry and with my finance recruitment background it was a good fit for me to come on board. So, in January 2020 we set up TN Recruits Accounts.

I had two to three months of working in the office when COVID hit, I was furloughed and everything stopped, the market went completely quiet, but I came back in the Summer when things slowly started to pick back up.

Last year was incredibly successful, it was great that the market came back but I had put a lot of work in, building the relationships prior to that and we gained a lot of repeat business as well as earning new customers and the momentum had gathered nicely. People were beginning to recognise us as the local recruiter who specialised in accountancy, working with clients on their doorstep and because of that, I placed a few candidates that had been working in London and didn’t want to go back into that working environment.

It may sound obvious but the most enjoyable part of what I do is when you find someone a job that they love – when they are genuinely happy and pleased and it’s a great step for them. Also, from the client side too, sometimes they really struggle to recruit which makes their lives quite difficult, so they become extremely grateful when you send them a good candidate.

We work with several local accountancy firms now and have good relationships with them but there’s always more that we can work with and grow with, I cover a big area and have been working with people over towards Maidstone and the Medway towns as well as the south coast with Eastbourne and Brighton, so there’s plenty of other geographical areas that we can work with.

I’m very proud to have been promoted into the Senior Consultant role.”

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Launched in 2014, the TN Recruits team has over 20 years’ joint experience. We take pride in a fresh approach to recruitment, combining our industry knowledge with modern technology to enable accurate and efficient matching of candidates to jobs.

We are open and honest in our assessment of client and candidate needs and take on each new assignment with enthusiasm.

With our professional approach, we take careful consideration of exactly what is right for all parties, which leads to a high rate of success for all parties.

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