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Rebecca Oliver

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“I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a 14 year old and was so fortunate to receive so much support from various complementary therapies. After this I was eager to help others feel better and I wanted to help people change their lives as mine had.

I graduated as an Osteopath in 2014 which I love but it felt like something was missing. My own life had progressed and I’d experienced grief, depression, anxiety and issues with my self confidence. I was also aware these feelings were often spoken about by patients with chronic and acute pain. Then a friend took me a long to a course for anxiety and it changed everything! So now I’m also a qualified Control Practitioner! By using remedial hypnosis I am now able to help clients with any mindset issues they wish to update. Rewrite negative patterns that they would love to change. It’s amazing to see the changes clients make and to be able to help people holistically!

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About the business

I am a Kent based Osteopath, Control Practitioner & Remedial Hypnotist. I became an Osteopath in 2014 and have worked in clinics

around Kent and East Sussex. Later becoming a Control Practitioner and Remedial Hypnotist in 2018.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to help people. Starting with Osteopathy and helping people understand how their body works with and without pain. As well as how to maintain them to prevent pain. Since being a Control Practitioner I can now help clients believe and reclaim their worth and change negative mindsets that could be stopping them from being a priority in their own lives. Often this is met with “I’m not a priority” “To be the most important? That’s selfish” but what I say is, its self care. If we can control and recharge ourselves we can then help all the people we want to!

This interest has highlighted the necessity for a unique and holistic approach to each and every person no matter what age!

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