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“I’m still taking on any size project, last summer I took on some really big projects. I enjoy all kinds of painting work, the little fiddly jobs and also solving issues, however I never take on anything that’s out of my comfort zone. Something that I just don’t do is wallpapering, my expertise lays in the detail of the painting, the attention to detail, making the end result looking the best it can be, attention to detail is paramount! As is my reputation – and being happy with the work that I produce is just as important as getting paid.

I don’t miss my city days anymore, I did at the beginning because I missed the social interaction with other people but I still get that with some of the clients I work for, but as for now I’m happy and familiar with working on my own. I’ve tried employing people, but it’s just never worked for me, it’s hard to find reliable people who give as much to it as I do. If something occurs, it’s down to me, I’m managing the project so sometimes it’s not worth the grief. However, if it’s a big project, like the one I had last year I had to get in five people, if I didn’t, we would have been there all year, it was a huge job! I just called on some local people that I trusted, and it worked out well for everyone. I really enjoy what I do, I’m not getting any younger and one day I will have to hang up the brushes, but for now, I’m happy with my work.”

Stephen Harris – February 2021

“I started decorating in October 2011 after 24 years in the city, I’ve always been passionate about it and when a local builder gave me an opportunity to help him, I was recognised for my work and someone asked if I could do their kitchen and it all went from there.

Initially I wanted to get back in the City but after six months I realised I wanted to continue decorating so I threw my energies and all my resources into what I do now, I’m passionate about it, I’m very fussy and particular, people like my work and I get a lot of repeat business and referrals, It’s now my passion and I love it”

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Stephen Paul Decorating is an established, independently owned company with a proven track record, providing quality private and commercial projects. Based in Sevenoaks in Kent we offer our services across London and the South East.

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