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“Temple Knight started back in 1985 when my father, at the age of 40, decided he wanted a change in career direction after working for a large manufacturer of fax machines, so, he set up the business knowing that he could make a real difference. It was an instant success and we sold into every embassy and major company, gaining thousands of customers, but, we soon realised there were a lot of service providers within our industry, so we morphed into a maintenance company, looking after lots of different businesses machines for them – so we really cut our teeth in the service industry.

That all went very well until around 1996 when fax machines literally fell off the cliff, the NHS actually banned fax machines this year so there really is no fax machine industry anymore. Luckily, we were ahead of the game and realised this was on the horizon, so we changed to a maintenance company that looks after printers, scanners, faxes and various office technologies. We have a very committed workforce that understand the products really well and that took is quite nicely into 2011 where I took over the business.

We needed a change of direction for the business and what I’ve now done is moved the company into a managed print solutions provider, but still stand true to what the business stands for and that is – service first and sales second. We can go from anything from repairing the machine you have in your office, providing consumables, your next upgrade and even into setting up big businesses like DLR (Docklands Light Railway) with complete systems. We have customers from the very small to the very large and every one of them is significant to us.

We’ve always changed our colours as a company to fit the market and on top of all the great services we already offer, we now also offer office telecoms. During the pandemic, lots of businesses have had to make decisions on how they run their businesses, not over three, six or 12 months like they normally would, they literally had to make that decision on the spot, especially with people working from home, they’ve had to work out how their office telephony is going to work and Temple Knight, along with our partner Gamma, are now in a great position to offer the best telecom solutions.

As a businessman I like to do business with people I can trust, and we’ve built up a large amount of trust over the three decades we’ve been in business and we’re really good at understanding market trends.”

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About the business

Temple Knight was founded over 30 years ago by Richard Chapman. We started selling and maintaining fax machines and later expanded to include laser printers, photocopiers, label printers, card printers, scanners and large format plotters.

Over the years, the industry has changed greatly, and so has Temple Knight. Keeping up to date with the latest technology, we’ve become a leading managed print specialist and offer printer sales, service and repairs.

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