Steve Dann

Magpie Art UK

“I want what I do to be an inspiration for people who don’t know where they are in life, I’ve only just found myself, I used to be the unpredictable one, while in the Army I would disappear, grab a fire hose and abseil out of a top window. I thought I’d grown up, but my psychiatrist told me the reason I’m not like that anymore is because I’ve found myself; I’ve found something that I enjoy doing, people are respecting me, and my work, and I’ve found my purpose.

I was adopted from a rough family, My Mum’s side from Eastbourne, my Nan went to prison when I was at primary school and my uncle had been involved in crime. My adopted Dad was amazing and only wanted to look after me, but unfortunately mum split with him five years later, and ended up with a man from Seaford who was a womaniser and drinker, and I was just part of the deal. He would constantly tell me behind my mums back that no one wanted me, he was horrible, and it came to a head only recently, also exposing weird toxic cycles and traits in my family that they didn’t want to break, so I decided to cut all of them out of my life. I don’t need those people in my life, and it’s made me feel a lot better.

I started to do more of my artwork around a year and a half ago, Jordan Mooney was from Seaford, she was very famous in the 60’s and 70’s, she was Adam Ant’s manager and was credited for inventing the punk look. There’s a six-part documentary called Pistol that was shown by the Disney channel, with a great cast and Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones played her, with some of the scenes of her riding through Seaford naked, jumping on the train to travel up to London, she was a real trailblazer. When she died, I did some street art here for the day of her funeral, which got noticed, then people wanted to buy my artwork, so I did some more, and it’s just grown from there.

I started to do more street art – guerrilla marketing down on the seafront on friends’ property which has driven people to look at my work online and they’ve started recognising my name now, some people message me in a star struck way, they’re so excited to be ordering from me.

All of the money I make from selling my art, I put back into the business, getting the website developed and improving what I’m already doing. I want to start funding free workshops for disadvantaged youths.

I’d like my art to be in galleries, that’s my dream, my art is getting better and better every week and the more traction I get from selling it via my own channels, will only make it more enticing for galleries to get involved.

I enjoy creating something that I love when I’ve finished it – it’s something that I would buy. Customers say they honestly prefer my artwork to other similar work that’s up for sale for thousands of pounds.”


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Street art / pop art. Finalist and award winning artist SBA 2023. Commissions welcome.

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