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“For years, and even through school I remember planning my trip around the world, I’ve always wanted to travel and always been excited about traveling. My Mum saw an advert in a Sunday newspaper, just as I was doing my final exams for my marketing degree, it was for a job in Sydney and she suggested I look at it, so I did, and I jetted off to Sydney with £100 in my pocket, it was very exciting!

Unfortunately, the job was dreadful, but with my English accent, I soon found another job quite quickly in marketing that I enjoyed. The travelling bug was well and truly in me when I came back and got a marketing job in London with a big legal company, soon after I got my New Zealand working holiday visa and went off to work for IBM for eighteen months on a global marketing team, it was a fantastic experience. Most of my career after that in London was all with big corporate companies and it wasn’t until later when that I got into working with the small to medium size enterprise market”


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Hello! The Pearce Marketing team in East Sussex can provide your businesses with an experienced digital marketing consultant, but that’s not all. We’ll also help with traditional marketing services if they are suitable for your products and services.

Our approach is to always have cost-effective, targeted and measurable marketing at the heart of everything we do for you.

If you are looking for help with a strategy, creating a practical marketing action plan, or assistance with implementing marketing activities, we’d love to be part of your team.

One of the reasons that our clients love working with us is that we really engage and care about your business success. We’ll be part of your team and help you to confidently plan and deliver your marketing.

Plus we offer a flexible mix of hourly rates, fixed fees and monthly work packages.

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