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Tracey Wells

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“I’ve been in the business for thirty-three years now; seven years ago, I was working up in Surrey in a prestigious area, selling quite substantial houses, but I just felt the industry was going the wrong way, peoples care, and the emotional side of the business was totally lost, you just became a process.

The bosses that I worked for were all about the money, there were a lot of stresses going around at the time, everyone seemed to be shouting at each other and business was quite poor. I just sat there and realised I didn’t like it anymore, it wasn’t what I envisaged doing, although my clients liked me, and trusted me I wasn’t enjoying it.

One day I got a phone call about an agency down in Polegate, a good friend of mine said “Tracey, this has got your name written all over it” and for the previous three years I had been going into other estate agents, that were in difficulty and helped them with support etc. I had been rebuilding estate agents for other people, so it was about time I did it for myself, so I arranged to visit the estate agent, the call came in on the Monday, I visited on the Thursday, sold my house on the Friday, then three months later I moved to Sussex. It was as simple as that, but for me I had to do it, I was fifty at the time and if I didn’t do it then, it would not have happened. The right time, the right circumstance and the rest is history.”

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