Freya Jones

Digital AdDoctor

“I left school, not knowing what I wanted to do, and I started some temping when I got a phone call from a lady telling me there was a receptionist role at an agency, I was 18 years old, so I was up for taking on something new.
It was a digital agency called Digital Clarity in Guildford and I joined on the day that the first iPhone was being released and the town was just crazy busy with what we know now as iPhone junkies, it was an exciting time for digital media etc. I never even realised you could do Google ads at the time, I just wasn’t aware of it but it made me realise and understand, why I loved the psychology behind marketing, the science of creating a product and delivering the urgency where people would queue out on the streets to buy a product.

So that’s why I started learning how to become Google qualified. I just loved it and that’s how I got the Google bug! Every year since then, I’ve been passing the exams and am now proud to be an accredited Google partner.

I landed a job in London and worked with some big clients like RAC and Aviva, in 2010, I moved out to Dubai and it was brilliant! I really enjoyed working with different brands but started to realise there were a lot of clients being mis-sold too, promises were being made but results were not being delivered. There was a lot of fixing to do.

In 2016, I was in quite a serious car accident and was let go from my job because I was off recovering, and in Dubai, you have to have a visa to be able to stay in the country. So, I decided that this was the chance for me to set up my own business and create my own destiny, so I set up Digital AdDoctor where I would go into my clients accounts and fix the areas that had been implemented by less qualified people. It’s been a roller coaster of a journey but has been the best life choice that I have ever made! I don’t see what I do as a 9 to 5, I live and breathe what I do and that’s why I enjoy waking up every day, logging in and seeing the accounts perform and creating reports for my clients.

I gave birth to my son in 2019 and went back to work three days afterwards, not because I had to but because I honestly love what I do.

I have clients in the US, Dubai and the UK, mainly in the lifestyle and financial industries and because I’m a DMI qualified instructor (Digital Marketing Institute) I was training someone on how to do Linkedin marketing, it turned out that she was an editor for the US based Entrepreneur Magazine. She wanted to do a story about me on how my work came about, but when I explained I could write, she asked If I could write for them. I wrote an article called ‘I Got 99 Problems, But Leads Ain’t One: Eight Tips For Generating Leads’ it blew up the website and went viral, a thousand people had viewed in the first hour!”

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Through our values and our passion, we’ve unleashed the success and growth to businesses within the Middle East and the UK through remarkable digital marketing strategies, which use SEO, Social Media, and Paid Media to deliver measurable returns.

But don’t worry, we don’t try to wow you with data and statistics. We talk the same language as our clients, as our motivation is key to our success: If we grow you, we grow together.

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