Matt Newman

Travel Counsellors

“My inspiration for getting into travel, really, was travelling myself, I’ve always loved going away from an early age with my family etc. I went away on a kind of gap year, except my gap year lasted two and a half years – I went to some amazing places during that period, my favourite was Nepal I had a month there on my own, trekking around and meeting various different people. The culture there was incredible, seeing people who really had no material possessions and very little money, but seemed so happy was very inspirational, it was amazing that people around the globe can have so little, yet be so happy, that really interested me.

I then spent a month in China, which was in the mid 90’s, so it wasn’t really opened up at that time. It was tough travelling around there, and again, seeing some real poverty and things that I had never experienced before, really cemented my love of seeing other cultures and other people, and how they do things and go about their lives. I love sitting around in cities, just watching people, I really do and that to me is the joy of travelling, I could sit by a train station in an Asian country and just take it all in, that atmosphere is really great. When I came back after two and a half years of travelling around, I then worked in different countries, I did a ski season in Canada and New Zealand, I love my Winter sports and when I came back again, I wanted to travel more and inspire others to travel and see these wonderful places. I grew up in London, it’s such a multi-cultural society and I’m really proud of how we treat other nationalities, with their cultures and how we embrace it. I want to encourage people to go and visit the roots of the people that we share our neighbourhoods with, that’s a big thing for me, I love what I do and giving people people the opportunities to visit these far flung places like India, China and Nepal etc. I started working for a company called Trailfinders, they were fantastic as far as training me and getting me on some really good trips, I worked for them for seven years. Then I wanted to specialize a bit more so went and worked for a tour operator that specialized in Canada, Alaska and North America, they were a bit more of an adventure brand with trekking, mountain biking and rafting, I liked the adventurous side of that, I had a real passion for it. I was putting people out on a journey, to experience an activity that they would continue and love doing, for the rest of their lives. I did that for twelve years, living the dream! I then decided to start my own travel business and joined the Travel Counsellors franchise, it’s a fantastic set-up, and it’s given me the opportunity to do what I really love.”

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