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Nicky Percival

Nicky Percival Interior Design

“Who knew that thinking in 3D would be such a useful skill! Being able to ‘see’ spaces and visualise what is not yet there, has been the back bone of my career. I did my degree in Interior Design back in the 1980’s – I learnt how to design spaces, use materials and architectural history and detailing. But the ID world was full of frills in the home and every restaurant had a theme! So, I ran away to the theatre and designed sets and costumes for a few years until I needed to pay my mortgage and so moved on to TV drama.

10 years at the BBC was exhausting but huge fun – working mostly on period dramas. I learned to manage teams of tradesmen, create scenery on tight budgets while keeping directors and actors happy on set – invaluable experience.

After a bit of travelling – around the world over 15 months, had my “gap year’ late, I settled in Singapore for a few years with my husband and worked in theatre and TV, a little different to the BBC until my daughter was born. Back in the UK with 2 children under 5, I realised I couldn’t keep up the 7am – 7pm filming days and keep my sanity. So, I blagged my way into a job designing bespoke furniture for Roundhouse Design. Learning to create detailed kitchens with a design led, architectural based company was also invaluable experience. Moving out of London to leafy Tunbridge Wells brought other challenges – was I going to commute with kids at home? No – I found myself an interior design role at quintessentially British brand Laura Ashley, visiting lovely clients in their homes and learning more about curtains than I ever thought there was to know. However, it was never really ‘my style’ and so set up my own business.

Being my own boss means having the control to give my busy clients the benefit of my long and varied training and experience, and to work around their demanding schedules. I have knowledge, integrity and insight. From concept through all stages of design, planning and implementation, I hope to inspire and guide their decisions. My knowledge of architecture, period buildings and decorative arts allows an ability to use modern elements of design with creativity and respect. My approach is lively, friendly and collaborative, and lots of fun!

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About the business

My design philosophy is to draw out the personality and vision of my clients in an open and articulate way, creating living spaces entirely attuned to them and their properties, be they historic or modern buildings, domestic or commercial, one room or whole building.

After gaining a BA Hons in Interior Design from Kingston, I started my career in theatre, film and television design, before working with leading architect-led, interiors companies including Roundhouse Design. This shaped my architectural approach to design conceiving every aspect of the space encompassing scale, size, shape and character.

I look at a project from all perspectives before creating a design that engages physically and emotionally. It is important to make a place that enhances life and enables people to thrive. I liaise with architects and builders and have excellent working relationships with trusted and skilled contractors and trade partners, to support all aspects of a project.

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