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Stephen Dickinson

Momentum Mortgages

“I became a mortgage broker back in 2016, my wife was expecting our first child and I wanted to make a career change so I could spend more time with my new-born son and my family. I worked for a company as a mortgage broker for a few years until I decided to start my own company, Momentum Mortgages, that was in March 2020, an interesting time to start a new business.

We were straight into working from home with lockdown so it was a very strange time to start, however, because my own experience in trying to get a mortgage was a painful one, I was determined to succeed with it. The first time my wife and I looked at purchasing a home we found it very difficult, we had to get a lot of help from parents, I couldn’t even go on the mortgage to start with, it was that difficult. So, I didn’t want first time buyers, or self-employed people like myself to go through the same difficulties that I did. I wanted to specialise in helping self-employed people, sole traders, business owners and entrepreneurs to be able to obtain property finance. We can help anyone get a mortgage; however we specialise in helping the self-employed etc.

I’m very much about the work/life balance, it’s something I like to encourage within my business, and that flows through to my employees as well – both of our other brokers are Mums, so we all fit in working with picking up the kids from school, it’s very important to me.

We have offices in Sevenoaks and Maidstone but have clients all over the UK, I set the business up whilst in lockdown so working remotely and over Zoom etc has been an advantage for us as we didn’t have to adapt into it, it allows us to help anyone in the UK as well as our local areas.

We’ve just taken on two new advisors, Karen and Gemma who is an apprentice, doing her qualifications, and our objective is to help more people. My vision is to help 10,000 people get their new homes or invest in property, the only way we’ll be able to do that is by growing as a business. My ethos with people coming into the company is that they don’t need to be experienced mortgage brokers, we will train them up and coach them into the right way to advise people and gain their qualifications. I’m looking to grow the team so we can help more and more people with their mortgages and property finance.”

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We secure your future by enabling you to buy your dream home or investment, the mortgage market is a minefield of thousands of different mortgages from many different lenders and we want to help you navigate the mortgage maze to get the funding you need. We care about your future and that means we don’t just leave you with the largest debt you may ever have and not plan for almost every possibility so as your advisers our vision is to build a safety net for you, your family and your finances.

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